Bongo Live’s platform brings a rich campaign management solution developed over multiple years that simplifies communication with your audience and taking actions based on their response. Our two-way SMS solution allows organizations to interact and engage with clients via a long code (e.g 255784845874) or short-code (e.g 15352).

This allows interactive two-way SMS using shortcodes and longcodes as well as pre-built tools for auto-replies, inbox, voting, raffles, surveys and much more. It is also a great way to extend your services or systems to receive user input for data collection, voting, feedback etc.


Manage incoming sms logs and history through Bongo Live account

Export incoming SMS history to excel

Match incoming SMS to address book contacts

Dedicated support to monitor SMS receipts

Optionally forward incoming SMS to your application via HTTP Post.


Ready to start adding Two Way SMS features into your own plaform? Take a look at our comprehensive API documentation and sample code. Our APIs provide you with detailed instructions and comprehensive tutorials to quickly integrate SMS messaging services into your solutions. 

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