Tips On Why You Should Brand Your SMS With A Sender Name

A sender ID or sender name is the name or number which appears on the recipient mobile phone when they receive an SMS text message.

Sender ID is used to identify who the sender of the SMS is. It basically represents your brand or company name distinguishing it from a million others. The sender ID therefore plays a massive role in defining your brand to your customers.

At Bongo Live you get the option of using a sender ID absolutely free and with a limitation of upto 11 characters for each sender ID, one can request as many sender name as they want.

For companies and businesses, sending text using their company names can be of great benefit  because the recipients will be able to recognize their name instantly once they see the sender name and can respond immediately to the SMS.

Here are some more benefits of using Sender ID

Instant brand recognition

A Sender ID will allow your company name to appear when your customers receive your message.  Your customer will read your message with a more positive attitude and therefore absorb the information better.  Without an SMS Sender ID, the message appears from an unknown and unfamiliar number, raising suspicion which can lead to a more negative attitude when approaching the message.

Improved brand awareness

Using an SMS Sender ID is great for reinforcing your brand’s name in the customer’s mind. It will be the first thing they see upon receiving a message and even if they don’t open the message there and then, it will be planted in their subconscious .When it comes to marketing to the subconscious, this is an easy and cost effective way of doing that.

Increased open rates

Displaying a company name as a sender can increase open rates. Your customers will only open the text if it’s from the known source. They will want to know about your offers and news which directly drives high sales volume.

Reinforcing trust

Not only does a Sender ID give brand recognition, but seeing a message branded instills a bit of extra trust. So instead of your customers receiving an SMS from a random number, which could be anyone, they will see it is from your brand. To a customer, this looks like you’ve invested in your messaging, and therefore is less likely to be a scam or spam.

Gives a premium and professional look

Sending a message and having the brand name magically appear on the recipient’s phone feels much more legitimate and makes your  brand look like you’ve invested in this communication platform.

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