Q&A with One of Our Top Resellers – H. Kilendi

Recently, I sat down for a one-on-one conversation with one of top resellers for our bulk SMS service. The aim was to get some insight on how the Bongo Live reseller program actually benefits  those who decide to join us as SMS resellers. H. Kilendi, is among  the top bulk SMS reseller at Bongo Live and his participation in this conversation was significantly informative as shared below.

Question 1

Q: How long have you been working as a reseller with us?

A:  I first joined Bongo Live as a reseller this year of 2019 in April 9th after having been using other two prior bulk SMS service providers.

Question 2

Q:  Describe you experience with us ever since and share some of the benefits you’ve gotten so far from being a reseller.

A: Honestly, I really like the service. The support I get from support team is incredible especially how they handle any arising issues whether minor or major. In terms of benefits,  I would say that the Bongo Live reseller program has helped me get more customers over the couple of months and the number is still steadily increasing day by day.

Question 3

Q: What kind of customers do you offer your reseller bulk SMS services?

A: My main customers are mainly  educational institution mostly colleges and universities.  My other clients include tour and wildlife agencies.

Question 4

Q: Does the product, bulk SMS, help you achieve your goals as well as those of your customers?

A: As a matter of fact, yes this service does help me most of the time achieve my goals as well as those of most of my customers. i’ll give you an example of one of my client who was facing a challenge last year of enrolling students to his college. Luckily, this year our paths crossed and I suggested to him to try and use bulk SMS. We made an SMS broadcast using his database and the results were incredible. He rang me afterwards saying he got over 250 student enrollments as a result.  

Question 5

Q: Would you recommend our service to a friend or colleague?

A: Absolutely, and I would assure them not be afraid to give this program a shot as they may think of it as an old channel of communication. I did think of it the same way before signing up as a reseller  but the advantages and benefits that come along with it are incredible.

Question 6

Q: Do you have any additional comment or feedback?

A: I would like to thank the entire Bongo Live staff especially the support team whom I interact with everyday, who ensure that my ten active customer’s account are up and running and who work round the clock to timely resolve any arising issues.

We hope you enjoyed the above conversation we had with Mr. Kalinde as much as we did. To learn more about our Bongo Live reseller program, you can visit our website.

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