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Bongo Live at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

Bongo Live representatives will be attending mobile world congress this year in Barcelona, Spain. MWC Barcelona is the largest mobile […]

Bongo Live at The 3rd Tanzania Financial Service Conference 2019

  The 3rd edition of Tanzania financial service and conference is happening yet AGAIN. This year it will be happening […]

New API Documentation

The Bongo Live team has been working on a new API document on how to integrate/interact with our SMS API. […]

Why Businesses are Turning to A2P SMS, And Why you should too!

Today more than ever, companies are turning to A2P (application-to-person) messaging to reach and engage with a target audience. Why? […]

Bulk SMS Marketing: Top 5 Tips on how to use it effectively

Companies should not be afraid to use bulk SMS to aid their marketing campaigns. After all, research shows that text […]

Are Chatbots great for your Small Business?

No matter what, both big and small business or organizations share the same goals; maximizing productivity, increasing brand awareness, increasing […]

What Exactly Is a Chatbot?

Breaking Down 'Chatbot' So, what is a chatbot? You may ask yourself. At its simplest, a chatbot is a computer […]

SMS Marketing: Can It Keep Up With The Future?

With every business jumping onto the digital marketing bandwagon, one would think that text messages are a thing of yesterday. […]

Why Should You Care About SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is very cheap and effective¬†as compared to traditional marketing¬†methods like television, radio billboards etc. Research has shown that […]