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Custom Mobile & SMS Applications

The mobile phone has changed almost every aspect of our lives in particular how we communicate and exchange information. Businesses, government entities, NGOs and any large organization can now leverage the power of the mobile phone to improve the way information is exchanged, data is collected, customers served and much more.

If Bongo Live's service offerings don't meet the needs of your organisation, we will gladly work with you to develop a solution that does. Our approach is to partner with you to deeply understand your organisational processes and translate these into technology processes that will not only directly address your organisational objectives but also optimize your processes. More importantly, we anticipate your future needs and propose solutions to meet them. We recognize that technology solutions can often be simple which is why simplicity is one of our core values.

The Bongo Live Approach

  • Gather deep understanding of requirements
  • Create prototype and garner client approval
  • Develop and test solution
  • Train users and deploy solution
  • Provide continued support

Examples of custom solutions include:

  • An automated alert system for deposits into a bank account
  • A Nokia or Blackberry application to monitor inventory and stock levels
  • Employee or consumer data collection system via sms
  • Customer support portal to manage complaints received via sms

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